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Rust Client/Wrapper built for Alphavantage API.



  • Module for basic definition of user information like setting API and requesting through that API
  • Module which provides trait to implement own client as well as default client in project
  • Module for crypto real time data
  • Module for custom url call
  • Module for return earning per share for a company
  • Module for Economic Indicator
  • Module which contains all types of error for alpha vantage crates
  • Module for exchange currency (both digital & physical currency exchange)
  • Module for Forex realtime and historical data
  • Module for returning latest price and volume information
  • Module for searching specific symbol or companies
  • Module for sector
  • Module for stock time series
  • Module for Technical Indicator
  • Module which contains some common trait implementation for Vec<Data>


  • Set API key using user selected or created client
  • Set Rapid API key using user selected or created client