[][src]Trait alga::linear::ProjectiveTransformation

pub trait ProjectiveTransformation<E: EuclideanSpace>: MultiplicativeGroup + Transformation<E> {
    fn inverse_transform_point(&self, pt: &E) -> E;
fn inverse_transform_vector(&self, v: &E::Coordinates) -> E::Coordinates; }

The most general form of invertible transformations on an euclidean space.

Required methods

fn inverse_transform_point(&self, pt: &E) -> E

Applies this group's two_sided_inverse action on a point from the euclidean space.

fn inverse_transform_vector(&self, v: &E::Coordinates) -> E::Coordinates

Applies this group's two_sided_inverse action on a vector from the euclidean space.

If v is a vector and a, b two point such that v = a - b, the action on a vector is defined as self ∘ v = (self × a) - (self × b).

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impl<E: EuclideanSpace> ProjectiveTransformation<E> for Id[src]

impl<R, E> ProjectiveTransformation<E> for R where
    R: RealField,
    E: EuclideanSpace<RealField = R>,
    E::Coordinates: ClosedMul<R> + ClosedDiv<R> + ClosedNeg

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