[][src]Trait alga::linear::FiniteDimInnerSpace

pub trait FiniteDimInnerSpace: InnerSpace + FiniteDimVectorSpace<Field = Self::ComplexField> {
    fn orthonormalize(vs: &mut [Self]) -> usize;
fn orthonormal_subspace_basis<F: FnMut(&Self) -> bool>(vs: &[Self], f: F); }

A finite-dimensional vector space equipped with an inner product that must coincide with the dot product.

Required methods

fn orthonormalize(vs: &mut [Self]) -> usize

Orthonormalizes the given family of vectors. The largest free family of vectors is moved at the beginning of the array and its size is returned. Vectors at an indices larger or equal to this length can be modified to an arbitrary value.

fn orthonormal_subspace_basis<F: FnMut(&Self) -> bool>(vs: &[Self], f: F)

Applies the given closure to each element of the orthonormal basis of the subspace orthogonal to free family of vectors vs. If vs is not a free family, the result is unspecified.

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