[][src]Trait alga::general::AbstractField

pub trait AbstractField<A: Operator = Additive, M: Operator = Multiplicative>: AbstractRingCommutative<A, M> + AbstractGroupAbelian<M> { }

A field is a commutative ring, and an Abelian group under both operators.

A field is a set with two binary operations, an addition and a multiplication, which are both closed, commutative, associative possess the divisibility property and an identity element, noted 0 and 1 respectively. Furthermore the multiplication is distributive over the addition.

Implementations on Foreign Types

impl AbstractField<Additive, Multiplicative> for f32[src]

impl AbstractField<Additive, Multiplicative> for f64[src]

impl<N: Num + Clone + ClosedNeg + AbstractField> AbstractField<Additive, Multiplicative> for Complex<N>[src]

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