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A translator for the Al Bhed language.

Al Bhed is the language spoken by the Al Bhed people in the land of Spira, the main setting of the game Final Fantasy X.

This library doesn't attempt to detect English loanwords that are present in Al Bhed at the time of the game, as in airship/fiend/etc.


Converting Al Bhed into English:

let al_bhed = "Oui yvnyet uv dra cay?";
let english = al_bhed.chars().filter_map(albhed::from_al_bhed).collect::<String>();
assert_eq!("You afraid of the sea?", english);

Converting English into Al Bhed:

let english = "Beware of Sandstorms!";
let al_bhed = english.chars().filter_map(albhed::to_al_bhed).collect::<String>();
assert_eq!("Pafyna uv Cyhtcdunsc!", al_bhed);



Convert a single char from Al Bhed into English.


Convert a single char from English into Al Bhed.