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Parses the JSON returned by the ADS-B Exchange API.

This crate currently only supports v2 of the API.

To parse a v2 JSON response:

use adsbx_json::v2::Response;
use std::str::FromStr;

let response = Response::from_str(&json_str).unwrap();
println!("Got {} aircraft", response.aircraft.len());
let ac = &response.aircraft[0];
println!("ICAO: {}", ac.hex);
if let Some(reg) = &ac.registration {
    println!("Registration: {}", reg);
if let (Some(lat), Some(lon)) = (, ac.lon) {
    println!("Aircraft is at {}, {}", lat, lon);


Parses version 2 of the ADS-B Exchange API JSON format.


Represents a parsing error.