[][src]Enum adsb::ADSBMessageKind

pub enum ADSBMessageKind {
    AircraftIdentification {
        emitter_category: u8,
        callsign: String,
    AirbornePosition {
        altitude: u16,
        cpr_frame: CPRFrame,
    AirborneVelocity {
        heading: f64,
        ground_speed: f64,
        vertical_rate: i16,
        vertical_rate_source: VerticalRateSource,

Kind of ADSB message.



Aicraft identification and category message (TC 1-4)

Fields of AircraftIdentification

emitter_category: u8

Emitter category used to determine the type of aircraft

callsign: String

Aircraft callsign


Airborne position message (TC 9-18)

Fields of AirbornePosition

altitude: u16

Altitude in feet

cpr_frame: CPRFrame

Odd or even frame encoding position information in CPR format


Airborne velocity message (TC 19)

Fields of AirborneVelocity

heading: f64

Heading in degrees

ground_speed: f64

Ground speed in knots

vertical_rate: i16

Vertical rate in feet per minute, positive values indicate an aircraft is climbing and negative values indicate it is descending

vertical_rate_source: VerticalRateSource

Source for vertical rate information

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ADSBMessageKind[src]

impl Debug for ADSBMessageKind[src]

impl PartialEq<ADSBMessageKind> for ADSBMessageKind[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for ADSBMessageKind[src]

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