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Easy Address Comparison

A set of macros to allow your types to be compared based on where they are stored in memory. This is useful when two instances of a type should not be considered equal unless they are literally the same instance.

With this crate, you can derive AddressEq, AddressOrd, or AddressHash depending on your needs.


use address_cmp::AddressEq;

#[derive(AddressEq, Debug)]
struct A {
  pub a: u8,

let a1 = A { a: 0 };
let a2 = A { a: 0 };

assert_ne!(a1, a2);
assert_eq!(a1, a1);

Derive Macros

Derives PartialEq and Eq based on memory addresses.

Derives Hash based on memory addresses.

Derives PartialOrd and Ord based on memory addresses.