[][src]Trait adapton::reflect::Reflect

pub trait Reflect<T>: Debug {
    fn reflect(&self) -> T;

This trait consists of the ability for a reference to Self to produce a T. Conceptually, that value of type T is the "reflection" of Self. A large set of types in engine implement this trait for a particular type in this module, which represents its reflection. The documentation of this module makes this correspondance clear.

Required methods

fn reflect(&self) -> T

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl Reflect<Vec<Succ>> for Vec<Succ>[src]

impl Reflect<Vec<Succ>> for Vec<(Succ, Option<Rc<Box<dyn DCGDep>>>)>[src]

impl Reflect<Vec<Pred>> for Vec<Pred>[src]

impl Reflect<Vec<Loc>> for Vec<Rc<Loc>>[src]

impl<S, T: Reflect<S> + Debug> Reflect<Option<S>> for Option<T>[src]

impl<'a, S, T: Reflect<S> + Debug> Reflect<S> for &'a Rc<T>[src]

impl<'a, S, T: Reflect<S> + Debug> Reflect<S> for Rc<T>[src]

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impl Reflect<DCG> for DCG[src]

impl Reflect<Succ> for Succ[src]

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