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Live data export tool for ActyxOS

ActyxOS is a decentralized event sourcing system for the factory shop-floor. One of the purposes of deploying apps in factories is to gain business insights by reporting and visualizing what is going on on the shop-floor.

With this library it is straight-forward to export event data into SQL databases with code like the following:

pub fn dashboard_logic<'a>(
    scope: &mut Scope<'a>,
) -> (
    Flow<'a, DashboardEntry, Stateful>,
) {
    let (injector, events) = Flow::<Event<MachineEvent>, _>::new(scope);

    let out = events
        .filter(|ev| ev.stream.name.as_str().starts_with("Drill"))
        .map(|ev| match ev.payload {
            MachineEvent::Started { order } => {
                DashboardEntry::working(ev.stream.name.to_string(), order, ev.timestamp)
            MachineEvent::Stopped { .. } => {
                DashboardEntry::idle(ev.stream.name.to_string(), ev.timestamp)
        .group_by(|entry| entry.machine.clone())
        .max_by(|entry| entry.since)

    (injector, out)

The full project is in the example folder, the sample webapp that generates the underlying events can be found in the webapp folder. Both can be deployed to an ActyxOS node or run in developer mode, see the quickstart guide.

See also the blog post for more background information.



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