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Sync Actors support

Sync Actors are actors that run multiple instances on a thread pool. This is useful for CPU bound, or concurrent workloads. There can only be a single Sync Actor type on a SyncArbiter. This means you can’t have Actor type A and B, sharing the same thread pool. You need to create two SyncArbiters and have A and B spawn on unique SyncArbiters respectively. For more information and examples, see SyncArbiter


SyncArbiter provides the resources for a single Sync Actor to run on a dedicated thread or threads. This is generally used for CPU bound concurrent workloads. It’s important to note, that the SyncArbiter generates a single address for the pool of hosted Sync Actors. Any message sent to this Address, will be operated on by a single Sync Actor from the pool.

Sync actor execution context. This is used instead of impl Actor for your Actor instead of Context, if you intend this actor to run in a SyncArbiter.