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Treblle.com connector for Rust Actix web framework.

Stay in tune with your APIs

Treblle makes it super easy to understand what’s going on with your APIs and the apps that use them.

With Treblle

  • Auto-generated and updated docs
  • Self service integration support
  • Get in-depth API insights
  • 90% less meetings
  • Complete API analytics
  • Complete picture of your API
  • 1 single awesome service
  • Know exactly what’s ok and what not
  • Quality score of your API
  • 1 click testing
  • Device detection
  • Endpoint grouping


Go to Treblle.com register and create a project, copy your project_id and go and get your api_key from settings.

Add this crate to your Rust Actix v4 powered application as a regular middleware, give it project_id and api_key, turn on the features you might need and thats it! Watch your requests get logged in Treblle project.


use actix_web::{App, HttpServer};
use actix_treblle::Treblle;

async fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
   HttpServer::new(|| {
           .wrap(Treblle::new("project_id".to_string(), "api_key".to_string()))
           .route("/hello", web::get().to(|| async { "Hello World!" }))
   .bind(("", 8080))?