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User sessions.

Actix provides a general solution for session management. Session middlewares could provide different implementations which could be accessed via general session api.

By default, only cookie session backend is implemented. Other backend implementations can be added.

In general, you insert a session middleware and initialize it , such as a CookieSessionBackend. To access session data, Session extractor must be used. Session extractor allows us to get or set session data.

use actix_web::{web, App, HttpServer, HttpResponse, Error};
use actix_session::{Session, CookieSession};

fn index(session: Session) -> Result<&'static str, Error> {
    // access session data
    if let Some(count) = session.get::<i32>("counter")? {
        println!("SESSION value: {}", count);
        session.set("counter", count+1)?;
    } else {
        session.set("counter", 1)?;


fn main() -> std::io::Result<()> {
        || App::new().wrap(
              CookieSession::signed(&[0; 32]) // <- create cookie based session middleware
            .service(web::resource("/").to(|| HttpResponse::Ok())))



Use cookies for session storage.


The high-level interface you use to modify session data.