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HTTP types and services for the Actix ecosystem.

§Crate Features

http2HTTP/2 support via h2.
opensslTLS support via OpenSSL.
rustlsTLS support via rustls 0.20.
rustls-0_21TLS support via rustls 0.21.
rustls-0_22TLS support via rustls 0.22.
rustls-0_23TLS support via rustls 0.23.
compress-brotliPayload compression support: Brotli.
compress-gzipPayload compression support: Deflate, Gzip.
compress-zstdPayload compression support: Zstd.
trust-dnsUse trust-dns as the client DNS resolver.


  • pub use self::payload::PayloadStream;
  • pub use self::error::Error;
  • pub use self::header::ContentEncoding;


  • Traits and structures to aid consuming and writing HTTP payloads.
  • encoding__compress
    Content-Encoding support.
  • Error and Result module
  • HTTP/1 protocol implementation.
  • h2http2
    HTTP/2 protocol.
  • Pre-defined HeaderNames, traits for parsing and conversion, and other header utility methods.
  • Various testing helpers for use in internal and app tests.
  • URI component of request and response lines
  • wsws
    WebSocket protocol implementation.




  • Trait that implements general purpose operations on HTTP messages.

Type Aliases§