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pub use graphics::GraphicsState;
pub use wgpu;
pub use winit;


Everything related to managing shaders.


Convenience macro to construct a Screen from a list of objects that implement the Element trait.


The core engine that constructs the window and graphics states, and passes events to user-defined screens.

The tool that builds your engine for you.


Shader kind.


Represents items that have update events and draw to the screen.

The core element in registering shaders for use in the program. Applying #[derive(Nametag)] to an enum with variants will let you use those enums as identifiers for shaders in your pipeline.

Type Definitions

A list of Elements that will all update and draw on the screen. The draw order is the element order.

This is just an identification number. Usually, it will be generated by #[derive(Nametag)] at compile time.

Derive Macros

Allows an enum with variants to be used as a Nametag.