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Account state This crate contains code used to create, convert, and update Accounts and the code and storage associated with it. It also defines the trait used to construct a backend to build a complete caching state database. Note: the code that needs access to vapcore types such as Machine and Executive is found in the executive_state module in vapcore. Most tests for the State module in this crate are also found in executive_state (for the same reason).


pub use account::Account;
pub use backend::Backend;
pub use state::State;
pub use state::CleanupMode;



Single account in the system.


A minimal “state backend” trait: an abstraction over the sources of data a blockchain state may draw upon.


A mutable state representation suitable to execute transactions. Generic over a Backend. Deals with Accounts. Unconfirmed sub-states are managed with checkpoints which may be canonicalized or rolled back.