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accept-language is a tiny library for parsing the Accept-Language header from browsers (as defined here).

It's intended to be used in a webserver that supports some level of internationalization (i18n), but can be used anytime an Accept-Language header string is available.

In order to help facilitate better i18n, a function is provided to return the intersection of the languages the user prefers and the languages your application supports.


use accept_language::{intersection, parse};

let user_languages = parse("en-US, en-GB;q=0.5");
let common_languages = intersection("en-US, en-GB;q=0.5", vec!["en-US", "de", "en-GB"]);



Compare an Accept-Language header value with your application's supported languages to find the common languages that could be presented to a user.


Parse a raw Accept-Language header value into an ordered list of language tags. This should return the exact same list as window.navigator.languages in supported browsers.