[][src]Crate accel_derive

Get compiled PTX as String

The proc-macro #[kernel] creates a submodule add:: in addition to a function add. Kernel Rust code is compiled into PTX string using rustc's nvptx64-nvidia-cuda toolchain. Generated PTX string is embedded into proc-macro output as {kernel_name}::PTX_STR.

use accel_derive::kernel;

unsafe fn add(a: *const f64, b: *const f64, c: *mut f64, n: usize) {
    let i = accel_core::index();
    if (i as usize) < n {
        *c.offset(i) = *a.offset(i) + *b.offset(i);

// PTX assembler code is embedded as `add::PTX_STR`
println!("{}", add::PTX_STR);

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