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This document describes what changes are valid/invalid for a library using abi_stable,

Note that all of these only applies to types that implement StableAbi/SharedStableAbi, and are checked when loading the dynamic libraries using the functions in abi_stable::library::RootModule. Those dynamic libraries use the export_root_module attribute on some function that export the root module (a struct of function pointers and other nested modules).

Semver in/compatible changes

These are the changes to pre-existing data structures that are allowed/disallowed in semver compatible versions (0.y.z < 0.y+1.0 , x.y.z < x+1.0.0).

It is never allowed to remove fields or variants in newer versions of a library.

Types cannot be renamed.

A type cannot be replaced with a #[repr(transparent)] types wrappig it.

If you rename a field,remember to use the #[sabi(rename="the_old_name")] attribute, field names are part of the ABI of a type.


It's only valid way to add fields to structs if they are prefix types(vtables or modules)), and only after the last field.

Exhaustive Enums

It is not possible to add variants or fields to exhaustive enums.

Exhaustive enums being ones that are declared like this:

use abi_stable::{

enum Exhaustive{

Non-exhaustive enums

It's possible to add variants with either:

Neither one allow enums to change their size or alignment.

Example field-less enum implemented as a struct wrapping an integer:

use abi_stable::StableAbi;

pub struct Direction(u8);

impl Direction{
    pub const LEFT :Self=Direction(0);
    pub const RIGHT:Self=Direction(1);
    pub const UP   :Self=Direction(2);
    pub const DOWN :Self=Direction(3);


It's not possible to add fields to unions,this is not currently possible because the original author ofabi_stable didn't see any need for it (if you need it create an issue for it).

Semver in/compatible additions

It is always valid to declare new types in a library.

Wrapping non-StableAbi types

You must be very careful when wrapping types which don't implement StableAbi from external libraries, since they might not guarantee any of these properties:

  • Their size,alignment,representation attribute,layout in general.

  • Their dependence on global state, which could cause undefined behavior if passed between dynamic libraries, or just be unpredictable.

The potential change of layout is why crossbeam channels are implemented as ffi-safe trait objects.

The potential dependence on global state is why abi_stable uses dynamic dispatch for all the types it wraps in abi_stable::external_types

abi_stable specific

If you add StableAbi types to abi_stable,make sure to add them to the list of types in version_compatibility_interface::ManyTypes (the crate is in testing/version_compatibility/interface/)