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A Rust crate for creating ABCI applications.

ABCI Overview

ABCI is the interface between Tendermint (a state-machine replication engine) and your application (the actual state machine). It consists of a set of methods, where each method has a corresponding Request and Response message type. Tendermint calls the ABCI methods on the ABCI application by sending the Request messages and receiving the Response messages in return.

ABCI methods are split across 3 separate ABCI connections:

  • Consensus Connection: InitChain, BeginBlock, DeliverTx, EndBlock, Commit
  • Mempool Connection: CheckTx
  • Info Connection: Info, SetOption, Query

Additionally, there is a Flush method that is called on every connection, and an Echo method that is just for debugging.

To know more about ABCI protocol specifications, go to official ABCI documentation.


Add abci-rs in your Cargo.toml's dependencies section:

abci-rs = "0.3"

Each ABCI application has to implement three core traits corresponding to all three ABCI connections, Consensus, Mempool and Info.

Note: Implementations of these traits are expected to be Send + Sync and methods take immutable reference of self. So, internal mutability must be handled using thread safe (Arc, Mutex, etc.) constructs.

After implementing all three above mentioned traits, you can create a Server object and use Server::run()to start ABCI application.

Server::run() is an async function and returns a Future. So, you'll need an executor to run Future returned from Server::run(). async-std and tokio are two popular options. In counter example, we use async-std's executor.

To know more, go to examples/ to see a sample ABCI application.


  • uds: Enables support for running ABCI server over Unix Domain Socket (UDS)
    • Supported on Unix only.
    • Disabled by default.

Supported Versions

  • Tendermint v0.32.0
  • ABCI v0.16.0



Types used in ABCI



ABCI Server



Address of ABCI Server



Trait for managing consensus of blockchain.


Trait for initialization and for queries from the user.


Trait for managing tendermint's mempool.

Attribute Macros


Utility macro for implementing Consensus, Mempool and Info traits.