[][src]Struct a2d::SpriteBatch

pub struct SpriteBatch { /* fields omitted */ }


impl SpriteBatch[src]

pub fn new(sheet: Rc<SpriteSheet>) -> Self[src]

pub fn sheet(&self) -> &SpriteSheet[src]

pub fn scale(&self) -> [f32; 2][src]

The scaling that's applied before performing the batch translation This allows scaling the size of all elements in a batch at once independent of all other batches

pub fn set_scale(&mut self, scale: [f32; 2])[src]

pub fn translation(&self) -> [f32; 2][src]

pub fn set_translation(&mut self, translation: [f32; 2])[src]

pub fn instances(&self) -> &[Instance][src]

pub fn get(&self, i: usize) -> &Instance[src]

pub fn get_mut(&mut self, i: usize) -> &mut Instance[src]

pub fn len(&self) -> usize[src]

pub fn set<I: Into<Instance>>(&mut self, i: usize, inst: I)[src]

pub fn add<I: Into<Instance>>(&mut self, inst: I)[src]

pub fn last(&self) -> Option<&Instance>[src]

pub fn pop(&mut self)[src]

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